Monday, January 2, 2012

Role Reversal

Today marked the end of our two week vacation at home. 

Thankfully, the return to our regular schedules are staggered throughout the week.  After two weeks of slothfulness I don't think I could take a cold turkey reentry to reality.  I returned to work this morning, while Hubby and the kids stayed home. 

I like this set up:
  1. I was only responsible for myself, getting myself up (with Hubby's help), ready, fed, and out the door.
  2. A "to-do" list, for everyone's enjoyment, was left behind while I went to work.  The kids dusted, swept, Hubby took down Christmas decorations and washed dishes.  They even stripped beds and started the laundry.  Seriously, I can get use to this "mom leaves for work while everyone else stays home and cleans house" situation.  
  3. Then, after my grueling 4 hours of work (yes, that was tongue in cheek) I returned home to hugs from my kiddies, and the undying love and gratitude of my husband.  He loves spending time with the kids, but he can't understand how I survived 10 years of being home, alone, with children. 
Not a bad way to start the new year.  

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