Friday, December 30, 2011


This past week I had one more thing to celebrate, the creation of NyQuil.   

Let me just say, I. Hate. Colds.  I LOVE cold relieving drugs.  Even more so after spending around 5 years, straight, either pregnant or nursing, when I couldn't take medicines for colds.  Believe me, I remember Every. Single. Cold/Cough I had during those times.

There was the horrendous cough I had while pregnant with our oldest; and trying a homeopathic method to calm the coughs before I cracked a rib.  While warmed grapefruit juice does taste nice, it does nothing for a cough.

There was the cold I had on 9/11, and stayed up half the night, watching news recaps because I couldn't sleep.  Then again, I don't think it was my lack of drugs keeping me up that night.  Most of the country was up all night watching the news.

When ED was an infant we all had a cold, that lingered for weeks.  The burp clothes became tissues.

... Let us just say I am now extremely grateful every time I can take medicines.  Even more grateful when Hubby is home in the morning, like he has been this past week, so I can take a full dose of the medicine.  That stuff really knocks me out, and unless I can sleep it off (meaning sleep till 9 or 10am) I can only take half a dose.

I know, my life is so complicated sometimes.  This probably falls under the file of "First World Problems".  However, a girl can still be grateful, even for the insignificant things.

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