Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do you resolve each new year?

I do, and I don't.

I used to do the usual, stop biting my nails ... hasn't happened yet.  Save money, still working on it.  Lose weight, the one thing I can't lose.  Stop eating chocolate ... oh wait, that used to be a Lent item.

The joy of being on the far end of 30 is that I no longer make those resolutions, nor give up chocolate for Lent.

Yes, there are changes we work on at the beginning of each new year.

Finances are usually one of them.  We adjust our budget, since salary adjustments take place at the beginning of the year.  Plus, the last quarter of every year is a spending fest, it takes the first quarter of the new year to reign it back in.

Weight, yeah whatever.  This is becoming a frustrating one for me.  However, once again, due to circumstances (i.e. end of year baking and binge fest) it is time to hit the gym.  For whatever reasons, each new year gives me new motivation to workout.  I'll take it. 

No longer biting my nails, I'm on the far end of 30 and it hasn't happened yet.  I don't want anyone crossing their fingers.

Then there are years when I've made goals for daily living.  One year I wanted to write more cards to people.  Thank you cards, thinking of you cards, job well done notes, basically a hand written note of appreciation.  Don't we all need to take more time and encourage each other in a more heartfelt manner.  Plus, I have a thing for cute note cards, if I'm going to buy them then I need to use them. 

In year's past we have worked on goals for our family.  This was usually worked on over the Christmas holidays, when Hubby and I were driving the highway, from family gathering to family gathering.  Unfortunately, our family planning has wained over the years.  I would like to blame it on the lack of highway traveling, but it has probably more to do with my lack of organization.

Which brings me to one more goal that I'm working on, becoming better organized.  Since re-entering the work force this past fall we have been getting by, but presently our house is a bit of a wreck, and working our way through the Christmas season made me realize that we will not be "getting by" for long.  Plus, I don't want to be that family that just "gets by" day to day.  I want us to be productive, complete projects around the house, and open our house and lives to others (another yearly goal).  Something we can only do if we get it together. 

So, have you made any resolutions?  Do you make new ones, keep the old ones (because one of these years they have to work, right), or have you left the whole thing behind?

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Pamela said...

No resolutions. I found them hard to keep. But now when God impresses a yearly word on my heart, I use it for a goal more than a resolution. This year I am giving up chocolate for health. :-)