Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Tale to Tell

"Mom, I have something sad to say about CE'" ED begins his confession.

At the time, I did not realize this was a confession, I figured he was tattling on his best friend. 

He continues the tale of woe, how CE had to move his card to the worst color of all, blue, and how he, being such a good boy, stopped at red and only had to endure a lunch time-out (they sit at a desk, in the lunch room, separate from the rest of their class). 

Um, back up a minute.  How did we go from CE moving his card to ED being punished, because if he was eating lunch by himself that means that my "angelic" child also moved his card.

"Oh, yes Mom, but I only had to move it to red, CE had to move it all the way to blue."

First, I find this color system all very confusing.  Blue is really bad, while red is an extreme warning, yellow is just a warning, and green means all systems go.

Second; "Child, what were you doing to warrant a move in your card, by THREE colors?"

This is how my son confesses his bad doings.  He starts out tattling on  a third party, probably hoping I won't catch on that he is actually talking about himself.  This child may just grow up to be a spin doctor, because he is already practicing his sound bites.

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