Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First World Problems: The Dishwasher

Actually, this is my children's problem.

Our dishwasher recently died.  Second appliance in two years.  Yep, we are doing our part for the economy.

Did I mention we bought our house, brand spanking new, 7 years ago.  Not loving the brand spanking new appliances the builder chose.

That is OK, I never loved them, even when they did work.  Therefore, to see them die, is not such a sad event.  Thankfully, we have the funds to replace them, with something we like and (we hope) will last longer then 6 years (the fridge), and the dishwasher (7 years).

So, our kids are set to wash the dishes.  One washes, one dries, and the third is given some other mundane task, like folding towels.

As they complain, I tell them that one day they will thank us for giving them real world skills.  I tell them of the hundreds of college students, who after a semester away at school, must drop out of school and return home.  They return home because they can not manage their own laundry.  I tell them, that one day they will thank me because they now, at their tender ages, know how to fold a towel, make scrabbled eggs and macaroni & cheese (yes, out of a box), and wash their own dishes.  Not necessarily in that order.

Now, if only they would change their underwear every day. 

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