Friday, October 14, 2011

The Real Cost

JT needed a second pair of sneakers.  The school he attends plays outside, A. Lot.  If it is not pouring down rain, they are outside.  When it has rained this means that the ground is wet, and since the most fun is found in the woods, or on the field, his shoes are a constant state of wetness.

Trying to be good financially, and the fact that he already owns a perfectly good pair of brand, spanking new sneakers, I head to the thrift store to see what we can find for a couple dollars.

I find no sneakers, but I do walk out with $13 worth of clothes for the kids. 

I though of visiting a second thrift store, but thought better of it.  At the pace I was going, it would be cheaper for me to go straight to Target and spend the $15 on another pair of brand, spanking new sneakers.

Total cost of my "financially responsible" shopping trip: $28

Had I not tried to be financially responsible, and instead headed straight to Target: $15


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