Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have a Confession

I am a city girl.  There I said it. 

No, I did not grow up in a city.  Our town was rural; maybe not the most rural town out there, but we certainly were not a thriving metropolis. 

And, we lived next to a farm.  The fact that cows, occasionally, walked through our yard has to give me some rural points.  There was a pond near by, and when it froze over in the winter we ice skated on it.  With that pond was also a stream, where we went inner tubing in the summer.

All this is said to give me some rural girl street cred. 

And, if I am trying to give myself street cred, then I must be a city girl. 

I like my shopping, and my malls.  After living in the suburbs I miss the Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and grocery stores with an actual selection.  On the flip side, our bank account is much happier. 

I need street lights.  Yes, to all you city folk, there are actual roads, in this country, that have no lights to guide your way.  You are left with only your car's headlights and the sky to see your way.  Let me tell you, It. Is. Scary.

When I turn onto a gravel road I think I've reached a person's drive way.  No, not a drive way, it is an actual, state maintained road. 

I'm happy to believe that chicken cutlets come from the grocery store, wrapped in cellophane.  Hubby has talked about his younger days, when they slaughtered chickens and pigs, and wouldn't it be great if our kids had that experience.  I ask him if he would like to continue eating meat, or would he like me to become vegetarian. 

"Look, the cows are standing up, doesn't that mean it will rain?"

The smell.  No, actually, the city is just as smelly as the country.  It may be a different smell, but trust me, the city has a smell, and I may just take the country smell over the city one. 

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