Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Stuff that Come with Children

One of the joys of having kids is all the stuff they bring home from school.  In preschool it was lima bean or marigold seeds planted in dixie cups, and left on my kitchen windowsill to grow.

One year it was maggots.  Well, they wasn't maggots, they were some sort of dirt grubbing insect, before they turned into an insect.  Maybe a beetle of some sort.  Whatever they were, I was so excited that their teacher sent them to our house.  They were thrown away ASAP. 

Then come the dirt babies.  Granted they are cute; nylons filled with dirt and grass seed, usually with a face constructed on the out side of the hose.  Cute, for awhile.  I have enough clutter in my house, 2 or 3 of those things sitting around tend to drive me slightly crazy.  Then, add the fact that my children like to give them "hair" cuts when the grass grows a certain height, though neglect to sweep up the cut grass.  Then the cat tries to knock them down, or someone bumps into one. 

During the summer the one ED brought home from school, had grown its last grass, and was now dry and dead.  So I threw him away.  A couple days later ED noticed, and oh my the wailing and mourning that took place upon this discovery.

I kid you not, the words "He was like a son" came from that boy's mouth.

So now I have this hanging in my window:

Still cute.  No grass to cut.  And, does not take up space as much as the original.  However, one of those days I will need to clean the window, and I'm thinking the picture will be moved to his portfolio. 

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