Monday, September 12, 2011

Speech Therapy

EM has a few problems with pronouncing certain words.

Nothing of concern, just one of those problems when you are 6-years-old.  That, and the fact that she is a southern girl, with a Yankee mother. 

Those are two separate speech issues, and we can discuss the later problem on another post.

Back to the later.  One of her speech anomalies is she cannot pronounce the word "ask".  It usually sounds something like "ax".  As in, "I will ax my teacher". 

Ummmm, no.

So we work on it.  We break down the word, one sound at a time.  The only problem is that the first two sounds are an "a" and a "s", put the two together and ... well, you see where I'm going with this?

Suddenly our little speech therapy moments are sounding a little more PG-13 then I like.  While my 10-year-old is in the other room commenting on the familiarity of the sounds "a" and "s", put together to a word he has been banned from saying. 

And, no, it does not work to keep it at "as".  As soon as you add another letter that "s" becomes long.  Try it.  If you have any tips, leave a comment. 

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MikeFus said...

As much as I hate ending what I'm sure is an enlightening and entertaining exchange between EM and her brother(s), what about trying words like:
- pass, sass, mass
- casket, basket, biscuit
- flask, whisk