Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Meaning

Our local Christian book store had this adorable cross, made out of wire and buttons, that would go perfectly on a wall I am decorating. 

We are not big on religious items.  This means we don't have cross' hanging all over our house.  We have a wooden sculpture of Jesus, with children surrounding him, that was given to us.  When it comes to decorative items in my house, the general rule is that it should have some significance to us.  A memory, a gift, something that makes us smile when we see it and think of the time or person it is associated with.

When I saw the cross, other then "looking cute", I liked the idea of hanging the cross on a wall most of us pass, many times throughout the day.  A reminder to think on a verse, or to change our attitude ... if necessary.

This morning I walked into the store to purchase the cross, picked it up, checked the price, saw where it was made, and set it back down.  I walked out of the store without the cross. 

What does a cross, or any other religious relic, mean to us?  Or, what personal meaning do they hold?  And, do they lose that meaning when it is made in a communist country known for human rights violations?  Does it lose its meaning because it is "cute" (the main reason I noticed it in the first place).

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