Monday, September 19, 2011

If I Twittered

I don't Twitter, or Tweet, or chirp for that matter.

However, if I did any of the above they would have read like this, the other week:

Clam Bake, we are a plannin' and soon will send out the initiations.

Rain is forecasted for Saturday, anyone have a projector?  The kids can hang downstairs, and watch a movie. 

Rain is forecasted for Saturday, and are guest list is fast approaching 60 people. 

Um, so you take the square foot of a room, and figure out that each person needs so much square footage to stand, comfortably ... Anyone have a second house we can borrow?

Weather Channel is telling me one thing.  Our local news weather, a second forecast.  Yahoo weather is giving me a third.  I'm believing the one with the best outcome, and will not accept any others.

Holy Clam Bake Batman!  Our little back yard shin-dig has approached 70 people.  This is the size of a small wedding reception.  I feel like I should have an event planner, or something.

To answer my question, "will we have enough of everything", I'm just buying an extra of everything. 

After years of no pictures I finally got smart, I begged a friend to be our "official" even photographer.  We are getting so official around here.  

Rain, rain go away ...

35 Adults.  35 Kids.  The adults are not, yet, outnumbered.

Wait, 2 of our kids are high school football players, so that makes our adult count at 39.  They count as 2 adults each, when it comes to the amount of food we will need.  

Clam Bake Day!  Off to buy clams.

The clams are cooking.  The beer is chilling.  The sun is shining.  A perfect day. 

Great party.  Thanks to all who came ... All 77 of you. 

Shrimp and Clam chowder for Sunday dinner, leftovers are soooo good. 

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