Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If I Twittered

The Hurricane Edition:

Two natural disasters in one week, that is a record for our little area on the East Coast, and Twitter worthy.  As usual, the effects of Irene were minimal in our area, it looked and felt like a regular storm, except this time a hurricane was ripping apart the East Coast.  So, maybe I don't have anything to Twitter about, and I certainly don't mean to minimalize what those who have been affected are going through. 

During the Week:
The weather reports say we won't feel much of the hurricane, however some rain would be nice.

My Weather Channel App is telling me there will be no rain until 7 tonight.

Just walked outside, it looks like rain.

10am, it is raining.  I'm losing my faith in the Weather Channel. 


Looking at pictures from Hatteras Island.  Seeing places we drove past just over a week ago, devastated. 

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