Thursday, August 25, 2011

If I Twittered

The Earthquake Edition

Tuesday afternoon the East Coast experienced an earthquake. Not a common event around these here parts. Hurricanes, coming right at ya. Blizzards and heavy snow falls, if you are far enough north. Tornadoes, every now and then. But earthquakes? Not so much.

I first learned about it when my sister-in-law texted me about it, they live in Pennsylvania. Being that she is about 4 hours from the epicenter, and we are about 2, she figured we would have felt it. Well, apparently, some people did and some people didn't.

Anyway, that first text led into a few back and forth, and then several phone calls. For the interest of this post, since it is titled "If I Twittered", I'm turning those phone calls into tweets.

@ME (from SIL) Did you guys have an earthquake today? We felt one at about 1:53pm.

@KK(to SIL) No, but that is funny, not the earthquake, but I just overheard a lady talk bout evacuating the Pentagon, wonder if they are related?

@ME I heard it was felt in DC and NY, and one site I looked at centered it north of Richmond at 5.8

@KK Crazy. We may have felt something and I'm just clueless. The radio is talking about it.

@KK I just drove past 3 people looking up into the western sky. Now I'm paranoid.

@JS (to friend) Still have your boogie boards in my car, though I've seen you two times in two days. Where does the car pool pick up line at school begin? I think I'm facing the wrong direction. BTW, did you feel the earthquake. I totally missed it.

@ME (from JS) That was an earthquake? Thank goodness, thought I was loosing my mind.

Typical east coast response, a lot of people attributed the earthquake to the quarry blasting, an airplane flying over head, or the train going through town. Until they realized this quarry doesn't blast, airplanes don't fly that low around here, or we don't live anywhere near the train tracks.

@ME (from Hubby) I'm fine. They evacuated the plant, left my cell in the building, borrowing someone else's.

@Hubby They evacuated the plant? So people actually felt this earthquake, something actually shook?

@ME (Hubby, now rolling his eyes) We are on the 3rd floor. We work with a lot of dangerous chemicals. Pipes and vats were shaking.

@ME (from my Mom) Checking that everyone is all right. They evacuated our building. Someone asked if the wind was strong, because the light pole outside the window was shaking. I don't think the wind makes things shake like that.

@ME (from a second JS) Was in the car, totally missed it. Feeling a little bummed.

@secondJS Ditto. And, glad I'm not the only one feeling disappointed.

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