Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh Me Oh My

Look what I ordered:

Note pads, scribble pads, to do pads.  Exactly what I want to keep my Type-A self in line.

Did you notice the name of the company?


ROFL!!!  Seriously, if you are Type A you have two ways to roll.  Uptight Type A, meaning you need medication to make it through the day.  Or, Type A with a sense of humor, though a few prescriptions always help.

I prefer to have a sense of humor about these things.

LobotoME ... get it?  It puts a smile on my face ... every time I look at the name.

The company has notepads for just about every "to do" list, and planners.   Packing lists, shopping lists, to do lists, Hubby's to do lists, sitter list, what you ate lists, ....

For the Twilight fan, the Bite Me note pad:

Can't afford an iPad?  Then try a MePad.

I ordered the Check Me note pad, to help keep track of our grocery needs through out the month.

Also, the List/Doodle Me note pad, hoping that this would inspire me back into keeping a to do list.  I'm slightly lost without one, but can't seem to find the motivation to get one started.

Anyone who wants to psychoanalyze that feel free, please email me your results.

To top off my Type A high, I purchased my two new note pads for Free, plus $5.99 for shipping and handling.

A while back I joined Gaggle of Chicks, it is one of those deal sites, like Groupon, (Full Disclosure Moment:  Those links are referral links.  So, if you click through, and join, I receive a credit.) except with mom inspired deals.  When you sign up you receive a $10 credit.  So, when they offered this deal from LobotoME I could hardly contain myself.  No seriously, there was lots of giggling and jumping up and down in my seat.

And, because I loved them so, I just had to share them, and my neurosis, with you.  Enjoy

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Jolanthe said...

I LOVED those MePads...they cracked me up when I saw them.