Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Breath

I'm not big on messes.  Paint, Play-Doh, crafts, even cooking, I need to have some element of control in the process.  "Control in the process" means I do most of it, while the kids ask, and ask, and ask again what they can do.  I am uncomfortable giving the kids full reign, and letting them at it. 

Over the years, giving up control has gotten a little easier.  When we moved into our current house (JT was 3 and ED was 22 months) I began to loosen up.  There was now linoleum, instead of carpet, under our kitchen table.  The boys were allowed to play with the Play-Doh.  Then we bought an art easel, and that meant the paint came out. 

As the children have gotten older they are able to do more activities on their own.  This means, I am able to turn my back and not see what they are doing.  Get me involved, and immediately they lose any part of the process. 

And then there is cooking, or allowing the children to cook, bake cookies.  This usually takes place if I have had several hours to mentally prepare. 

So, this afternoon, when the kids asked to help me with a painting project I said, "sure".  It had been awhile since they had helped with anything crafty, I was feeling lulled into motherly guilt.  We were just painting a dowel rod, about an inch round.  How hard could it be?

How messy could it get?

Windy day, absent minded children, and a mother with a low threshold for messes.

The kids were happy, they got to help ... with paint.

I'll wash ED's t-shirt tomorrow, to see if the pearlescent paint will wash out.   

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