Sunday, May 8, 2011

If I Twittered

This past weekend I participated in Relay for Life.  This is a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and held, throughout the year, around the country.

I don't Twitter, but yipee skipee, the fairgrounds had wifi, and so I was updating my Facebook status during the evening, or at least I was until JT played Angry Birds for about 3 hours straight, and then the battery died. 

So, here are the status updates I did make, some I didn't but thought of, and those I would have added had my battery survived the Angry Birds onslaught. 

Relay Day!  Well, more like Relay Night.  Come on out to the fairgrounds and join in the fun.  Food, fun, free concerts, an auction, and more.  All for a good cause

Leaving the fairgrounds to grab lunch and the kids, before the fun begins.  Not a cloud in sight, no rain today

Well, now there is a big cloud in sight.  No rain, no rain, no rain, repeat after me

At the fairgrounds, ready to get this party started, ready for the rain cloud to go away

RAIN!!!!!!!  But don't fear, we see blue skies in the distant

At the fairgrounds for Relay for Life.  No rain in sight, come join us

Need dinner?  Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, friend tenderloin sandwiches, fried pickles, fried mushrooms, ... All at Relay for Life

What?  Too many fried, fatty options?  This is about fighting cancer, not heart attacks

Discussing with JT why he can't carry the spirit stick during the parade.  My response: "ADHD"  His response: "I'm not going to freakin' hit anyone with the stick."

Luminary Ceremony:

Walked 3 miles so far.  How many more miles till morning?

Coffee at 9:30pm, planning on being up all  night!

Let's go ... auction time!

Went to put a bid on several items at the silent auction, no pens or pencils to write bids

Asked one of the auction ladies if there were extra pens/pencils, she said she didn't have any to spare.  She had 4 or 5 pens hooked on her shirt.  Guess I'm not putting down any bids

Live auction has started, but they are not going in order of the list.  It is driving this Type A'er crazy.  GO IN ORDER

Oh look, another dried flower arrangement is up for auction

Oh look, another Snuggie is up for auction

Oh look, another dried flower/Snuggie is up for auction

We must have drawn the short stick on the auction, apparently the items we want to bid on are being saved till last.  Not that we would know when they were coming up, since they are going out of order

Walking, walking is keeping me warm

Look who fell asleep:

 4-H is open for breakfast.  They make the best egg, cheese, and sausage biscuits 

4-H is out of hot chocolate!  This is Code Red!

The end is in sight.  We are tearing down the camp site, the sun is rising, and everyone on site is stirring

Driving home, maybe shouldn't have taken the back road.  No sleep for 24 hours, and winding roads, fun

Home, and going to bed, and hoping to get warm

Another successful Relay for Life has come and gone.  Thank you to everyone who donated items for the auction, donated money to our team, came to Bunko Night, or ordered Pampered Chef.  Your support is appreciated, and it went to a great cause

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