Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is This Thing On ...

Yes, I watched the Royal Wedding Friday.

No, I did not get up at some ungodly hour to watch it.  I did, however, get up at a semi-ungodly hour to get myself, and the kids, ready for the day.

When we returned home, at the end of school, the kids crashed in front of the TV and I crashed in front of the computer, watching wedding recaps.

That evening I went to a friend's house to watch the wedding, she DVR'd it, allowing the rest of us to have a normal day, and watch the wedding with friends.

I fully recommend watching a Royal Wedding with friends.  All by yourself, your commentary just falls on no one's ears.  With friends, we can all share our reactions.

With friends, you can wince and cry every time this poor girl was given a camera angle:

The hat that launched a 1,000 Facebook pages.

The fact that they were sitting directly behind the Queen made it quite fun, and painful, at the same time.  We wondered if anyone checked her, and her sister, before they left the palace.  And, if the Queen and their father, Prince Andrew, were restraining themselves from wiping their eyes free of the raccoon makeup?

Watching with friends meant you could share that even the Queen can wear too much yellow.

The hat that launched a 1,000 lemon cakes.

Come on old gal, I know fashion and chic cannot be your thing, being Queen and all, but when you wear that bright of a colour you need to break it up a bit.

We all reminisced 30 years ago, when we all watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana marry.  And, how this wedding differed.  Like the fact that Prince William and Duchess Kate displayed actual chemistry between each other.

We ohhed and ahhed over her dress, and declared that this dress would be one to be admired 30 years later.

We booed the critics, who declared that her dress was not fashion forward enough, and lacked the fairy tale design of Princess Diana's.  Uhhh, fairy tale design?

We waited for the kiss.  Admired the hats and dresses.  And, to kick it off, listened to Rupert Everett share his opinion on the whole event.  We need to remember to invite him to our next Royal Wedding viewing, because he has opinions to share!!!!

***I couldn't find a clip of his interview.  If you have a chance to see in on TLC, take the time!!!

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