Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did I Just Say That?

It is that time of year again, standardized test time.  I am not a fan for standardized tests, but I keep my opinions to myself.

Regardless of my feelings towards something I see as limiting my children's education, my kids don't know.  They will be taking the tests, so there is no reason to gripe about something they can't change.

Actually, as a rule, we toe the school line at our house.  The kids may complain about this project, or that teacher, yet we simply tell them to suck it up.  It does help that we have had amazing teachers, who don't ask for, or do anything, over the top.  I have no problem supporting them at home, or at school.

At the beginning of the testing schedule ED was talking about how nervous he was about the tests.  He was mainly worried about passing, so he could get the prize all who did pass would receive.  I tried talking to him, telling him not to worry, he would do fine, and that the tests didn't really matter, and I didn't really care about the tests.  The conversation went down hill from there.

Oops.  Open mouth, insert foot.

The next day the stinker goes into school and announces to the whole class "my mother thinks the tests are a waste of time and she doesn't think we should take them".

Thankfully, his teacher has a sense of humor, and is much better at digging out of my holes than I am.

She laughed.  I apologized, again, and again. 

If your school has standardized tests you have probably received the note that informs you that tests will begin, that the kids should have a good night sleep, and have a good breakfast in the morning.  Maybe, they should have also added something about parent's keeping their opinions to themselves.  :::cough:::  :::cough:::

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