Sunday, February 6, 2011

Land Ho

I just spent a week, without children, sailing the Caribbean on this: 

Did I mention we were without children!  And, despite my guilt with leaving them with my in-laws.  No, scratch that, there was no guilt leaving them behind, there was guilt for leaving my in-laws with my children.  I didn't miss them (children, or in-laws).  Every now and then I thought of them, every now and then, but it was more worry that all were getting along, and there were no snow days (they did, and there wasn't.)

This was a perfect vacation.  By the end of the week we were rested.  Our winter white skin had been perked up by the sun.  (Well, my winter white skin, Hubby has a perpetual tan.)  No children, no cooking, no cleaning, excellent food, excellent service, lying by the pool and napping reading a good book.

When the vacation ended we were sad to leave, but ready to go home.  Meaning the vacation was that perfect length; between not ready to leave yet, and so done with this boat I'm about to swim home.  Once arriving home, we were sad to leave the warm weather behind (when Hubby said he would like to move to Florida, I told him I hoped his trophy wife enjoyed living in Florida).  We were happy to see the kids, happy to all be home, and happy to sleep in our own bed.  Ah, sweet pillow of mine!

****If anyone cares, we sailed the Liberty of the Seas, with Royal Caribbean.  RC has not compensated me in anyway to mention that.  With that said, however, if RC would come across my little blog, and would like to invite me, and my family, on another trip, which I could blog about, I'm available.

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