Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guilt Trip

In a couple days, Hubby and I are packing our bags, boarding a jet plane, and then a cruise ship, without the children.  For ONE WHOLE week.

I'm feeling very slightly guilty.

It is official, I am one of those mothers.

The mom who can't leave her children behind.  Who tries to micromanage everything before she leaves, because I'm afraid no one will function without me.

Sure, I've left town, without the kids before, usually for a weekend, and Hubby is home with them.  Hubby and I have gone away for a weekend here, an overnight there, without the kids.  We have sent our kids away for a week to camp, or Grandpa camp, but that was during the summer, with a summer schedule.   We have never left them with grandparents, for a whole week, during the school year, in the winter, when a flake of snow causes the schools to close down for several days.

Lord have mercy if there are snow days included in this deal.  When we return, I would like my in-laws to still be talking to us, and still want to see their grandchildren.

I've emailed teachers, called neighbors, written notes, researched medical release letters, packed, over-packed, made meals to leave, created schedules and charts.

Am I missing anything?

To allay my guilt, at least the guilt of burdening my in-laws with my children, I offered to make some meals, to be frozen, and defrosted during the week we are gone.

Hubby shook his head when I told him I was making meals.  Everyone else shoot their heads.  "You don't mess with grandma", everyone said.  As Hubby pointed out, "Grandma loves to cook for the grandkids, she doesn't need any frozen meals".  Maybe not, but I will feel better, and if they don't eat them then we will have 2 meals in the freezer.

So, off we go.  I have no doubt that everyone will survive, maybe only by a hair on their head, but everyone will survive.  The kids will still get to school, on time.  They will still complete their homework, or suffer the consequences.  They will eat what they want, and be totally spoiled.  In fact, they may be so spoiled, we may not want them back.  Which sounds good, now that I think about it.  We shall be so spoiled on the boat, we may not want to leave.

Hey, it is a win win for everyone.  Except I only made two meals for my in-laws.

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