Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Souy Part is Serees!

Remember my child who created a test to see if the Tooth Fairy was real?

Well, he is at it again.

Now that Christmas has come and passed, we are weeding out the play room.  It was time for some of our games to hit the road. Boggle Jr. was one of them.

ED, however, had other plans.  He wanted to keep it, for like, forever.  I wanted to pass it on to EM's teacher.  It would receive a lot more attention at school, then collecting dust, on our shelf.

That night, after making the announcement that I was donating the game, I found this note on my pillow:
Dear Mom  I want "bogel.Jr" to stay in this house or I will souy you!  from.Eli
P.S. The souy part is serees!
In case you can't read 2 grade spelling, he threatens to sue if I take the game out of the house, and he is serious.  At least he is consistent in his mis-spellings.

 The next morning I told him that I had found the note, and that we would talk about it when we had the time.  Which wasn't during breakfast, but he kept asking.  In a very serious voice, he would look at me from across the table and ask "can we talk about the game now?".

At dinner that night, we did talk.  I laid out my reasons for donating it to the school and asked ED to explain his reasons for keeping it.  Finally he blurted out "I want to save it for my children".

Where does this kid come up with these things?

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