Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internal Radar

Boy sleeping

My children have always been morning people.  Hubby is a morning person, which explains why he is at work by 6am.  I am not a morning person. 

God has a sense of humor.

Recently, as the kids have gotten older, they will sleep in.  Till 7am, yes, for them, that is sleeping in.  When it is a school day, they would sleep till 7:30am, if I let them.

On snow days, they will be up before 7am.

They have no idea it is a snow day.  I just found out it is a snow day.

Still, before 7am, they come bounding down the stairs, burst into my bed room, and ask if they  have school.  I answer them with "no", so out they bound to watch TV.

If they had school, they would still be asleep, waiting for me to pull the covers off of them.  


At least there are no diapers to change, or babies to feed.  Which means, I can roll over and go back to sleep.  At least one of us knows how to enjoy the lazy morning of a snow day.

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