Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That

Hello Company Girls. Long time, no visit. All my fault, I'm sorry. Life keeps moving, and sometimes I can't keep up.

The kids have now been in school for several weeks, and I am finding my groove as a stay-at-home mom, with no kids at home. Last week I was a professional volunteer at the kid's school. This week has been about cleaning. Next week? We shall see what happens.

The last time I visited, for some coffee, was right before our vacation to Canada. We travel to a camp, north of Toronto (Marie, I waived as we drove through Toronto.) It is beautiful up there. We love the family time, the peacefulness, and the relative isolation of the area. (Though still a short distance from a Tim Horton's, Walmart, and a windshield replacement shop. You can read more about that here.)

The kids run free (and wild), and the parents can talk to other adults. Ah, the luxury.

Here, the air truly is fresh country air; not what we call fresh country air at home, in our farming community, when the manure tractors are out.

The camp is run by the Anglican Church, and many who attend the camp grew up in the Anglican Church, and may have remained, or have moved on.

It always comes up in discussions. Hubby and I, being Mennonite, and from the US, tend to raise a couple eyebrows, and several questions. Hubby grew up in the Mennonite Church. I grew up Church of God, General Conference; which most people have never heard of so I clarify that it is close to Baptist. Sprinkle in some visits to a Catholic Church with my cousins, and other churches heavy on the usage of litany, and I feel right at home during the camp's prayer time and services.

Hearing people's church story; how they grew up, church wise, and where they find themselves now always fascinate me. (I didn't say "faith" story, but they are also interesting, and very much intertwined with one's search for a church/denomination.)

So, my question is, who are you? Maybe you grew up in the church, and have since left, or vice versa. Maybe you grew up in one denomination, or even faith, and have moved to a different one. Maybe you are where you have always been. What is your story?


bashtree said...

Oh I love talking about church histories too! I grew up Episcopalian and then my family started going to a charismatic, fundamentalist Lutheran church (if you can imagine that!). I'm married to a Presbyterian minister, so now I guess I'm Presbyterian! It's so different from the more Anglican church environment I'm used to, and I miss having communion every week.

joyceandnorm said...

Fresh air! I could use some of that.

It is interesting to hear everyone's stories.

Lea said...

Well, guess I'm a "died in the wool" Southern Baptist. My Dad is a retired Baptist minister and I married a man that grew up in the Baptist church, so we've just stuck with it all these years. But, there are certainly some other wonderful denominations and I really wish that I were more versed on the beliefs of all churches, but I am not. But, there's only one God and that's where "the rubber meets the road" as my Dad would say.

A wonderful week-end full of blessings to you!

Jen said...

I'm Episcopalian, but there are several churches that are going from Episcopalian to Anglican. I've attended the same church since I was 7 (aside from my college years when I lived in a different city). I was married there and both my children were baptized there. For me, my church is home because of the people and not necessarily the style of worship. I am a non-denominational girl at heart, although I do love communion every week.

Cindy Swanson said...

I too grew up in the Baptist church (independent Baptist). Both my husband and I are the children of Baptist pastors! (My dad passed away in 2004.)

However, I worked for many years at a Christian radio station that was owned by an Assemblies of God church, and my co-workers came from many different Christian denominations. I learned to love and appreciate Christians from across the spectrum.

I truly believe being a part of a local church is vital for a Christian. You need that support and sense of family, and the regular meeting together, to grow strong in your faith.

Doug and Jhona said...

I need fresh air!!! I miss the fresh, mountain air of my small town in WY. I grew up Nazarene and am a preacher's daughter. I no longer attend the Nazarene church and we tried many, many different churches. I too am a "non-denominational girl at heart" like Jen wrote. My story, right now, is complicated and I don't even know where to begin writing it so I won't:) I'll only say that the Lord is unweaving the tangled web it has become and I wait in prayer, quietly and with strained patience on most days. Beautiful blog you have here! Many blessings to you!

One More Equals Four said...

I, like Mrs. Lea, am a "died in the wool" southern baptist. My daddy and grand daddy were both Southern Baptist ministers and we are very active in our local Southern Baptist church. I have great friends from many denominations, as long as they are Bible believing, Christ preaching churches, I think many of the traditions, etc. are just that and we can all be unified by our love for the One True God.

Have a great weekend, glad you had a nice vacation!

secondofwett said...

Oh my heavens...I've never been mentioned in a post before....makes me feel special..thanks for waving! We go to a an associated gospel bible conference grounds for our holidays. It's also situated north of Toronto....but all my life and for three generations before me we have attended the Salvation Army Church...usually whenever I say that people go..' that a church?' :0)