Monday, August 23, 2010

It Is Time ...

To Return to School When:

Your 9-Year-Old suggests you clean the stove.
Still wondering if he meant that as a "family" activity.

When we wake up, the kids ask "what are we doing". So I make breakfast.
After breakfast they ask "what are we doing next". I tell them to go get dressed.
When they come downstairs they ask "what are we doing next". So we run an errand to the store.
We haven't even reached the cashier and they start to ask "what are we doing after this?"

When figures what a Stay-at-Home Mom is worth, do they include Cruise Director?

The 8 hours of recorded books I bought, at the beginning of the summer, have now been played, every day, since the beginning of summer. And, since it is 8 hours long, we haven't heard the end yet.

My house, oy vey, my house. It is time for a DEEP clean.

Mom has threatened to throw out ALL toys, since the children are constantly complaining that there is nothing to do. Nothing to play with.

What are the signs in your house, that it is time for summer to end, and school to begin?

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Menno Jeweler said...

My boys were fighting in the pool today. I just thought to myself, it's TIME. They can't even enjoy themselves in the pool?! Sheesh! But another sign is a weepy boy at bedtime, saying goodbye to the summer...