Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drafted, and Forgotten

I've written 490 blog posts, over 2 years, averages anyone? There are a few posts, however, that have not made it to publication. Here is a list of my drafts, which will, most likely, never make it past the "Edit" phase of my blogger account.

Homeschooling Debate
Originally, this was a part of this post, which needed to be shortened, so part of it was left behind. What I wrote may see the light of day, when I, once again, find myself frustrated with the public school system.

If I Twitter
A post about Hubby's, and my, participation at Relay for Life. I didn't get far with the writing, apparently I hadn't caught up on my sleep enough to remember the night.

Company Girl Coffee
Was going to post, but then couldn't think of anything worth writing.

Well, I'm still suffering from a lack of ideas, so ...
And, apparently I am still suffering from a lack of ideas, hence this post.

Tiny Talk Tuesday
Probably started, then forgot what I was going to write, because I forgot what my children had said that was so funny.

Untitled Post
Included this picture, and no text:
I'm pretty sure a child is in that suitcase.

Yard Sale Tips
At some point, while it was swirling inside my head, this was a funny post. Once I sat down to write it, well, the funny had left, as well as the main points of the post.

The Boxcar Children
A possible riveting post, there was NO text.

One of Those Days
It was one of those days, where I was very tempted to hide under my bed. And, apparently I did, since the post was never finished.

I Resolve
Originally written December 30th, 2008. Since I, most likely, broke every one of those resolutions, they don't actually count as resolutions since I never shared them, right?

About our family's Christmas Traditions. This posting looks to be completely written, so I'm not sure why it was never posted.

For The Love of Books
This is what was written:

"Our 7 year-old just discovered The Box Car Children. Tonight he came downstairs after finishing the book, within 30 hours, and said to Hubby: 'I just finished the book. I laughed, I cried, it was fabulous'"

Never posted, wonder why?

It Must Be The Weather?
Looking at the half sentence I wrote, I truly have no idea where I was going with this post.

Started, but then set aside, and re posted here.

No Title
Apparently, a quick melt down entry, about the upcoming Ladies Tea, at our church, which I was organizing. The post started with this "I'm freaked out, my nails are all chewed to the quick ...."

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Veronica said...

For the love of books.. Definitely funny and worth posting!