Monday, July 5, 2010


Sunday was JT's turn to go to camp.

At the beginning of the registration process, when we were standing at the end of the line, JT was my cuddly little boy. Hanging out with me, standing close ... close enough for me to place my arm around his shoulders.

I love it that, at 9-years-old, he still likes to stand close.

In a couple years he will be able to put his arm around my shoulders.

By the time we made it to his cabin, JT wanted to keep us at arm's length.

To him, we could not leave soon enough.

And, so we did. Leave.

No hug. No "love you". No handshake. No "see you later".

When left, he had joined his cabin mates by the stream, and had started a conversation about snakes, which he had seen in that stream earlier in the summer. Boys and snakes, a sure conversation starter.

I called to him, and said we were leaving.
Aren't you proud of me? I did not run over to him, giving him a big hug and kiss. Hugs and kisses from mom would be a sure conversation-ender.

He raised his hand and said "bye".

He raised his hand at me and said "bye".

He raised his hand at me and said "bye". The woman who gave him life. Labored for 33 hours, so he could have life.

He raised his hand at me and said "bye".


A sign of things to come. I just hope he will put his arm around my shoulders every once in a while.

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