Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday ED came home, after being at camp for 2 nights.

Unpacking their bags, no matter how many days/nights away, is always an adventure.

When you first open up the duffel bag there is the smell, the dirt and other nature related items laying on top of all his clothes.

Basically, everything is thrown into the wash.

Wet towel, soggy socks, filled and open water bottle, hence the wet and soggy items. Pine cone crafts, his Bible wedged between stream shoes and dirty underwear ... lovely. And, one sock, which doesn't belong to him.

Once the bag is empty, really I should have started this process outside because now I'm brushing half of camp's dirt off my bedspread, it is taken outside for a good shake out. Then set aside to dry.

Next comes the toiletry bag. Bug spray, check, sun tan lotion, check, tooth brush and tooth paste, check.

Mystery item wrapped up in a damp, brown paper towel.

Slowly, I begin to unwrap it, with thoughts of dirty underwear and several camp counselors who were wondering what had they signed up for, because taking care of a kid's dirty underwear was not in the original job description.

It was not underwear. It was only his wash cloth, wrapped up in the towel, I'm guessing because it was damp and it didn't seem like a good idea to throw it in ED's duffel bag with his other damp towels?

Everything, but one item, seemed to return home. ED forgot his swimming suit. This appears to be an annual thing between my children. JT, forgot his suit, last year, when he was at camp. We didn't realize until after arriving at my parent's for the 4th of July weekend. Since, my parents have a pool, a late night run to Walmart was required.

Next week, when I pick up JT, I'll be checking under the bed, over the bed, in the bath house, lost and found, and all the bags of his cabin mates, to make sure we have his bathing suit.

What is the oddest item your child brought home from camp, or left at camp?

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