Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Baby

How did I fall for it?

I know better, or at least I thought I did.

I'm an experienced mother of three. I've seen it before. I've dealt with it before, usually successfully. I've counseled new mothers on it.

So, how did I fall for it?

How did I fall for the age old trick children use on their mothers to tug at their heart strings, and make them stay: Separation Anxiety! (Seriously, who is anxious at times like these, children or the mom?)

This morning my baby (who is 5-years-old) had a melt down at home, and did not want to stay for VBS.

I knew she was tired, hence the melt down. I knew she would (eventually) enjoy her morning at VBS, once Mom disappeared.

Yet, I stayed.

I knew I was enabling, but I couldn't help myself.

Also, it was kind of fun to see what they do during VBS.

Half-way through the morning I came to my senses. Their group was having snack. My baby had stopped hysterically crying every time I moved away from her. So, I made a break for it.

Did I mention my baby is 5-years-old?

Guess what?

She didn't miss me.

When I picked her up, she was all smiles and chatter.

"So, EM, did you cry when I left? Did you miss me?"


Seriously, she looked at me as if I was nuts. What was I talking about? Crying, hysterics, clinging to your leg. "Sorry Mom, that must have been your other baby."


I thought I knew better.

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