Friday, June 18, 2010

Minus One

Hello Company Girls. Come in, have a seat. Do you want something to drink, and maybe a left over muffin from last weekend's camping trip?

This week kicked off our first full week of summer vacation, and we did it right. We did next to nothing. I talk a lot about our summer schedule, but this week we had no schedule. Well, next to no schedule. I still made it to the gym. The kids had a playdate. We made it to swim practice.

Oh, and then there was the nasty scene on our front porch Wednesday morning. I was cleaning the porch, and was making the kids help me. There was water involved, how could they complain? But, complain they did as they accused me of treating them like Miss Hanagan treats the orphans in Annie. Breaking out in a round of "It's a Hard Knock Life" did not help lighten moods.

And, JT enjoyed a week at Grandpa Camp.

It has been rather quiet around the house, minus one child.

However, I still can't make it out of the house on time. Hey, we didn't have a schedule this week so that doesn't matter.

Guess what the original plan was for this week? Can you guess?

You are correct, I still haven't finished my bedroom and bathroom. Please don't mention anything to Hubby. We are beginning to see the 8 ft ladder in our room as a clothing rack.

With JT out of the house for a week I figured it would be the best time to paint his room.

Would have been the best time if I had chosen the paint color before he left. And, prepped his walls before he left. Well, really did any of the preliminary work before he left.

The good news is that, I think we have picked a color. And the walls in both boy's rooms are cleared of decorations, and the walls almost prepped. (Meaning, I've puttied ... is that a word?... the holes, but now need to sand them down.)

So, no painting was completed, but that doesn't matter. The boys still have 2 and a half weeks of camp left, between them, it will be completed. Eventually. As will our bedroom. One of these months days.

There is always the fall, when ALL three kids return to school.

That is the plan for the fall; finish painting, clean out closets, find a job.

Any job suggestions? I think we can forget house painting.

Has your summer kicked off yet? Any special plans, or projects, around the house or far away?

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Diane said...

LOL - Doesn't the prep work always take more time than the actual painting? Fastest prep job on record? Me, removing ten cabinet handles and two drawer pulls, filling the holes, letting them dry, sanding, filling again, drying and sanding - all between 7:30 p.m. one night and 6:00 a.m. the next morning...don't ask.

I'm sure all the rooms will be lovely when they are done, and that they will eventually get done! Do you have samples of the already picked colors in previous posts?

Have a wonderful day! said...

good luck getting that painting done!

Lea said...

Thanks so much for dropping by this morning. And, it's always the prep work that takes all the time in almost anything we tackle. But, don't fret, it will be there when you get around to doing it. It won't go anywhere and doubtful that the good fairy will come and do it for you. :o) Blessings to you for a wonderful week-end!

Marianne said...

Jepp, prepwork is so boring and tedious. I usually try to skip it as well as I can, but sometimes it comes back at me and bites me. Still I rather not do it.
Good luck with your painting, it will eventually all get done. Right?

Alicia said...

Booooo, painting. I am not a fan.

secondofwett said...

Thanks for dropping by and your prayers...I'm afraid I'm not much better when it comes to painting ...the trim in our additions has been waiting 4 years to be painted! :0)

Stephenie said...

We have so many started, and not yet finished, projects at our house. I'm always nervous about the mess that inevitibly comes when we're in the middle of a home improvement project. I'm glad you're making progress.

Socal said...

I have been cleaning hardwood floors, hanging a flag post I have had for two years, hanging wall decorations, etc., etc. No painting at this point!!!! Good luck company girl!