Monday, May 3, 2010

Memo Monday

Dear Walmart,

It is no secret that I'm not a fan of you. The whole evil corporation, paying your employees minimum wage and offering mostly part-time hours tends to turn away those with social justice sensibilities. And sure, you offer health insurance, but can any of your employees afford it with what you pay them?

Then there is the selection. Sure, with the new redesign you managed to blind us with the new layouts. I admit, you have become more welcoming, you are actually inviting us to come in and look around. And I did. I looked around, enjoying the new layout, well, I was until I realized you still offer next to no selection.

Explain to me how a store with so much stuff can offer so little in the way of selection.

So what keeps me coming back? You are located down the street from my house. When I need painter's tape, milk, shampoo and mealy apples, you are my store.

Oh, that reminds me, the not so fresh fruit. Yes, I will drive across town so I don't have to purchase produce from your store.

With the new layout I've spent a little more time browsing through your store, and find myself impressed by your home decor selection. I have made mental notes to check out your curtains, pillows, and shower curtains when I'm redecorating. At least I had. until I learned of your new return policy. In fact, thanks to your new return policy, I will probably spend less of my money, all around, at Walmart.

Please explain why, if I want to make a return, I need to first obtain a sticker from the greeter?

When I read your return policy on the back of the receipt I don't read anything about needing a sticker to make a return. When I stand in line at Customer Service I read nothing about needing a sticker to make a return. There is no sign between the entrance of Walmart and Customer Service stating that a sticker is needed for a return. There is no sign, above the poorly stationed Greeter, to state that a sticker is needed.

Because of where the greeter is stationed many customers with returns are missing him or her, and since there is no mention of this sticker policy on the receipt, nor anywhere else for the customer to read, you are only turning away customers.

Seriously, what mom, who is making a quick stop at Walmart to make a return, with kids in tow, wants to stand in line at Customer Service for a good 15 minutes, only to be told she has to walk back to the entrance for a sticker, and upon her return she will need to wait in line a little longer?

Not a happy customer!

Oh, did I mention I have a receipt. To prove I did purchase the item from Walmart.

So, why do I need a sticker? If I didn't have a receipt, fully understandable, but I do.

So, Walmart if you continue to adopt this policy, I respectfully ask that you PUT IT IN WRITING, where the shopper can read it.

However, even if you put it in writing, I will be thinking twice about spending my money at your store. Life is filled with hoops to jump through, shopping should not be one of them.

Sincerely Yours,

Disgruntled Shopper

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