Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Will be Well ... eventually

Most of my days are spent lecturing, correcting and shaking my head. Oh, and praying. If there has been any significant change in my life since having children it is my prayer life. I pray a lot more these days.

Saturday, the kids and I walked over to the local school to browse the community yard sale. Having completed their purchases, JT and EM were ready to go home. ED still hadn't found that perfect, one dollar, treasure, so he was still willing to visit several other yard sales in the neighborhood.

I sent the other two home, giving JT S.T.R.I.C.T. instructions not to run ahead of his sister (typical JT M.O.) He needed to STOP before crossing the road. Look both ways before crossing the road. To cross WITH his sister. And, to STAY with her ... at all times.

We went our separate ways. Thankfully, my new vantage point allowed me watch my oldest and youngest walk together, it even looked like they were peacefully conversing. I watched them as they stopped by the road, looked both ways, crossed the street, and even saw JT keep looking both ways as they crossed the street.

There are moments, sometimes just glimpses, when I see that, eventually, all will be well, ... eventually. Until then, I will keep lecturing, correcting, and shaking my head. And praying, LOTS of prayer.

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