Monday, March 8, 2010

To Move On ... Or Wait

Just as quickly as it arrived, over a weekend, it has also disappeared.

When we left Friday our yard had snow, it was more snow then grass. Two weekends ago the kids were dressed in snow gear and building snowmen and throwing snow balls.

This past weekend, the kids played outside, dressed for spring. When we arrived home Sunday, there was more grass then snow.

Today, I threw the jacket in the car, but never wore it. The kid's played outside during recess, probably the first time since early December. And, came home with mud on clothes and legs. Boys and mud puddles.

Despite all these signs of the inevitable arrival of spring, I'm holding on to my flannel sheets, for at least another week or two.

I'm debating on washing our snow gear this week, or wait until spring break. After this winter, I'm half expecting another snow storm to arrive, maybe it is hiding behind the sun ... just waiting ... lulling us into a false sense of spring.

Note to self: Collect the sand buckets scattered over the yard, and now free from the snow, before the wind picks up and sends them two streets over.

Welcome Spring!

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