Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mud Puddles and Snow Piles

What do these two bi-products of Mother Nature have in common?

They attract boys. And like magnetic attractions, they can't help themselves.

And if you have a son such as mine, he makes the most out of them at every opportunity.

Today I picked him up from school and he said "I lost a fuzzy because I walked in the snow." They had a fire drill today. Naturally they were told to stay out of the snow. But the temptation for him was too great.

This child can't just walk in the snow. Oh no! He has to tromp through it. Make a spectacular show out of it. I don't even want to know how many times his teacher told him to stay out of it before she docked him a fuzzy. God bless his teacher.

On the way home he found a mud muddle. And, true to form he couldn't just walk through it, or around it. Oh no! He jumped into it, and jumped, jumped and jumped some more. Inches of mud were sticking to his shoes. Mud splattered his coat and backpack.

He cleaned off his shoes. Without the water hose. Oh yeah, he asked if he could use the water hose. :::sigh::: At least he asked.

And now he sits in his room, time out.

And here I sit pounding out my frustrations on the computer. Sharing the trials of my child with the rest of the world.

Mud puddles and snow piles. They are truly magnetic to boys. And for some boys, causing a cat-nip like high.


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