Monday, March 15, 2010

Signs of Spring

I see grass!!!!! Granted, it is a little brown, but it is grass.

The crocus shoots are appearing.

Our winter jackets are lying in a pile, not worn for several days.

We walked to school; without a jacket, and gloves, and hat, and scarf, and snow boots, ... and a sled.

The birds, we can hear the birds sing.

One son has asked to change his sheets to the regular cotton, instead of flannel.

There is a fly in my kitchen, and mud scrapped on the steps leading up to the house.

The wind, oy vey the wind around here. Hold on to your small pets and young children because they will blow away.

The parents are grumpy in the morning, from loosing an hour of sleep.

The children are grumpy in the evening, because it is still light when we send them to bed.

I (me, the winter lover) is happy to see spring arrive. I'm content with it's arrival, and fully embrace the changing of the season, even the changing of the sheets ... when that happens.

Happy Spring!

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