Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Things & Buyer Beware

1. I periodically scan Craigslist for furniture. Since we live in an area where Walmart is considered high shopping, until Target moved in ... I love Target ... I venture to the nearby cities for more of a selection (read: nicer furniture.)

2. I'm not a furniture connoisseur, but being in the process of replacing all our premarital/early marriage/young family furniture (read: family castoffs and Ikea. I still love Ikea, our kid's playroom is outfitted mostly with Ikea, and it looks great.) I'm in the market for well made furniture, in our main living spaces, that will last Hubby and I till we move into the nursing home.

Sorry, make that 3 things:

3. During my years in the suburbs I occasionally ventured into an Ethan Allan store. I'm not up to date on their collections, past or present, but I'm fairly certain that these pieces, found on Craigslist, have never been seen in an Ethan Allan store:

Ethan Allan - Reduced $100:

Ethan Allan Table & Chairs $150:

Sam Walton, maybe, Ethan Allan ... maybe in their circa 1970's HeeHaw Collection.

Buyer beware.

***In the interest of full disclosure none of the manufacturers or stores listed above compensated me for the mention of their name. With that said, I'm not above receiving gift cards, furniture, or cold hard cash in exchange for a review. So, if Ethan Allan, Ikea or Target would like for me to review any of their products, I'm fully willing to take on the assignment. Click my profile, found above, to contact me.

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Rebecca said...

LOL- Those are pretty horrible pieces. I really like Ethan Allen, Target and Ikea too, wink wink!