Friday, February 5, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome, come in, shake off the snow... Yes, snow. We are being hit by the second large snowstorm this winter.

We live just south of the Mason Dixon line. We get just enough snow and cold weather during the winter to satisfy my love for snow and cold. However, TWO LARGE snow storms in one season? We are lucky to get two in a decade, this is crazy.

To add to the crazy the kids have been home all week, for much less snow then this; which means there may or may not be a little extra something in my coffee today.

With the amount of snow they are predicting it is nice to know our kitchen is stocked full of food. Yesterday I, and the kids, braved the crowds as we set out for a food shopping spree of massive proportions; not because of the snow but because friends were planning on staying with us this weekend.

Planning, but postponed due to snow.

We were hoping to all be snowed in together, and all the kids were excited to play in the snow, but that will all need to wait till later this month. Hopefully we will still have snow.

Instead, our little family of 5 is planning on a cozy weekend at home, with lots of food, craft projects, games and movies. At the moment the house is quiet with two napping children, one child working on a school project (no school, but school projects still need to be completed), one husband playing on his computer and I am typing a way on mine.

As soon as I've wrapped up this post I will be moving on to my "Snow Weekend To Do List", which will most likely include some baking, to give to neighbors as we ask them to borrow their snow blower.

I'm sure some of you, who live in an area used to large amounts of snow, are laughing at us. You know who you are, you live in an area that doesn't even plow the roads, you just drive over the snow and pack it down. And canceling school for snow, who heard of such a thing. Yes, well, we will be lucky if the kids return to school at all next week. :::sigh:::

Are you receiving snow this weekend? Maybe you are looking at a forecast of 80 degrees and sunny. Either way, what do you have planned this weekend?

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Lea said...

Well, here in the deep South, we have NO snow and not a chance in sight. Yea! But, it is cold and dreary and we're freezing. :o) Sounds like you and yours are making the best of it. Have a great week-end and if you watch the Super Bowl, do "root" for the Saints. :o)

MrsJenB said...

We're just northwest of Philadelphia and are supposed to get around 8 inches when all is said and done. Of course it was supposed to have started by now and it hasn't so it'll be interesting to see how much we actually end up with!

dawn said...

Way to plan ahead...baking to borrow the snow blower. Love it!

Enjoy being snowed's a gift of time together!

Anonymous said...

No snow here, but lots and lots of rain. We had more rain in the past few days than the whole last year. We definitely needed it. I don't do snow too well. Our weekend is pretty fun...2 birthday parties tomorrow and Superbowl party at my sister's house.

Josie said...

I bet your neighbors look forward to your need for their snow blower! Baked goods are a great way to be neighborly! My kids would love to be getting that snow storm. Here in Minnesota we just plan for a lot of snow...but this year we haven't had as much. Enjoy your cozy weekend inside!

jennibell said...

Loved your to-do list. . .why do I think number 14 could possibly be all that is accomplished???
I just saw some pictures posted on FB of friends in Baltimore -- wow, did they get hit!!! Your picture was worth a 1000 words too. Glad you are enjoying it.
Take care and stay safe. . .and sane. We moved "south" from the "north" 4 years ago and our rural county lets school out for EVERYTHING. . .we are 13 days out so far this year and in January alone had 2 early dismissals and 3 delays. . .then the one day they have gone so far in February was delayed too. Don't know what would happen if we go the amount you did!

One More Equals Four said...

We are in a low snow area and got hit last weekend! Luckily by Wednesday, most of it was gone! It shuts things down around here, too!

Enjoy spending all that time together!