Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In To Do List

We are snowed in this weekend. The perfect time to complete, or just start, some projects around the house. Here is a look at my list.

1. Shovel the driveway Calling for 2 feet. Make cookies, and then make friends with a neighbor who owns a snow blower

2. Organize tax documents
to be dropped off at the accountant next week, or whenever we can dig ourselves out of here

3. Reconcile our accounts from last year

4. Sew the playroom curtain,
the one I cut out the pieces to 2 years ago

5. Call ladies from our church and ask them to help plan the Ladies Tea this May.
This weekend is the perfect time, EVERYONE is home

6. Emails, emails, emails.
There is a nursery schedule that needs to be sent out. Some Sunday school information. My list of procrastinated emails is legendary

7. Finish reading book and write review

8. Scrapbook

9. "Window Shop" for window treatments

10. Plan some money making scheme to pay for desired window treatments

12. Read book for Sunday school, or more like catch up on my reading

11. Paint
I've been painting trim for the past week, I'm not spending the weekend painting

13. Watch paint dry.
Oh wait, I'm not painting

14. Eat, Sleep, Watch Movies, Play Games, Repeat

1 comment:

mholgate said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowed in weekend! We've had a much more mild winter here than last year. Haven't been snowed in once! In fact, the kids have a four day weekend next weekend because they didn't use their planned snow days.

Enjoy your upcoming week!