Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Days

Bring on the snow days. Actually, stop the snow days because I'm running out of wine, but not craft items.

Bring on the snow days because at the end of last summer I stocked our snow day box. Stocked it with the 50% off craft items at Michael's, the 50% off items in their dollar aisle. Most of the items were worth the 1/2 price price tag, and some were not even worth that.

(*I say bring on the snow days, but at some point I would like my children to return to school and receive an education this winter.)

Not worth it. Not even from the dollar bin. Not even 1/2 off the dollar bin price. Mind you I knew they were a gamble, and in this case I didn't beat the house. Save your money and purchase the real thing ... or make your own. All you need is a foil pan, paper, paint and a marble.

Stickers are always worth the money.

Amazingly, the kids can spend a lot of time on these fusion beads. One of my children followed the design, that took him awhile. The other two created their own designs, which also took time.

Anything that takes time is a good thing.

Thankfully the box is still packed with crafts, which is good since the weather forecast is also packed with snow. Time to restock the wine.

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