Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

It snowed today! All day! It looked heavenly.

Some thought having snow on a Saturday was a waste of a snow day. Our family were thrilled because Hubby was home and could play with the kids.

And to those who grumbled about the waste of a snow day, have no fear, Monday will probably bring a 2 hour delay.

Around town half of Saturday was canceled. We live south of the Mason Dixon line, they cancel everything with just a threat of snow.

A snow girl was made.

Sleds were brought out, dusted off, and ridden down hills.

Several snow forts were constructed.

The boys went out to play, all day. This morning, for awhile, they disappeared completely. It turns out they wrangled a hot chocolate invitation from a neighbor boy. After lunch they went back out to play, for HOURS. They returned looking tired, happy, and with glowing cheeks.

On days like these the area around our back door (located in the breakfast room) looks like this.

Some people dream of a white Christmas. I dream of a mud room.

Happy Snow Day!

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