Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just For Fun

Originally I was going to post an Everything Austen Challenge update, I haven't given an update since the Challenge began. Or, maybe an update on Callapidder Day's Reading Challenge. Then there is the post knocking around in my head on finding a new babysitter, one of these days I'll pull it out of my head. There there are several book reviews I need to write up, one I NEED to write and one several people asked for, but not today.

The problem is all those ideas require time to write, and thought. I'm short on both these days.

Instead, here is a clip. A funny clip. A friend first posted it on Facebook. Then the other Wednesday night JT was describing the clip to our pastor. (Now, if you have ever had an ADHD 8-year-old explain something to you, you know a lot of the information is lost in the delivery. Therefore, we were little concerned as to what JT shared and what our pastor understood. It's been over a week since their discussion, and there has yet to be a phone call requesting we come in for some counseling, so we may be good.)

So, here is the clip, and hopefully nothing will be lost in the delivery ... unless there is a problem with your internet connection.

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