Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah, Not So Much

A couple months ago I posted about the changes being made a Walmart, How Do I Love Thee.

The other week I was back at Walmart, browsing the widened and reorganized aisles. Falling in love, ... well, maybe not love, let's stick to like. Which ever way I was falling, there I was, browsing ... which is only the beginning. Once you begin to "browse" there is no stopping the spending.

And then it happened. I remembered why I don't like Walmart (apart from the whole evil corporation, can't pay our employees a living wage thing.) And why, even with their shiny new floors, widened aisles, and browsing friendly displays, why I don't like Walmart.

They have no selection. It always amazes me. Always, as in every time I walk into this super center of stores, how such a large store, with shelves after shelves of stuff, I always am amazed at how they have absolutely nothing which I want to buy.

And, I am cured.

Maybe I'm just a tad too picky. Which isn't a bad thing, since I'm now not falling in love, or like, with the evil corporation, and all that.

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