Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick, Grab the Hose

Growing up I heard stories of how my Grandmother dealt with snakes when they came slithering by. She killed them with a hose.

????????A Hose????????

What did she do, whack it to death? How did she slice off their heads? With a hose?

Recently the mystery was solved. I was reading another's blog (forgive me, I don't remember whose blog. But if the story looks vaguely familiar please leave a note.) The blogger wrote about talking on the phone to her mother, walking into the laundry room and AHHHH SNAKE. Immediately her mother said, "Your dad is coming with the hoe."

Ohhhhh, a HOE, not a HOSE.

Thankfully that little mystery is cleared up, and it only took 36 years.

For the longest time I've had this picture of me trying to kill a snake with a hose. How would I accomplish such a thing? Think about it. Yes, the picture is pretty funny.

Then again, I don't like snakes so there really was no worry of me coming after one with a hose, or hoe for that matter.

post script: Hi Grandma! Hope you enjoyed this story. I'm not sure why I kept hearing "hose." Then again, Hubby would just chuckle and mumble something about my hearing.

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