Thursday, September 24, 2009

Basket Case

This Saturday our church is holding an auction for the adoption fund. Our Sunday school class put together a coffee/tea/hot chocolate basket.

Well, it started off as a coffee basket, but it grew.

While putting the basket together I started to take pictures, anything for the blog.

However, half way through the photo session my batteries gave their final warning, and quit. For several weeks the camera batteries have threatened to quit on me, that explains the little flashing red light.

I enjoy putting together baskets. While pregnant with our oldest several friends were also pregnant. As gifts for everyone I went on a mini shopping spree.

Let's face it, shopping is a major factor why baskets are fun to organize.

Shopping at TJ Maxx. Shopping at Ross. Shopping at a friend's business.

I live vicariously through my friends. I lead a rather quiet life, no cliff hanging or massive challenges. This chick likes life on the ground. Plus, right now, three children is enough of a challenge for me. There are days I'm hanging on the cliff's edge by a finger nail (which is a problem since I have yet to kick the ole' nail biting habit.)

Unlike our friends who bought a coffee shop. I love friends who sell food and coffee. Friends who sell food and coffee are some of the best friends to have.

Sorry, I digress. So, I started to take pictures of the basket items. And I planned to take pictures of the completed basket, but forgot. And, then I procrastinated. Before delivering the basket I was putting it together, oh 10 minutes before we needed to leave for JT's swimming practice, and to deliver the basket.

Then this week, after delivering the basket on Sunday, I had a neurotic moment and called my friend, one of the auction organizers, and begged her to allow me to return to her house and redo the basket.

I had some of those packaging pillows, plastic air pillows used in packages to cushion the boxes contents, and they were perfect, perfect to hold up all the items in the basket so everyone could see the contents.

Did I say I begged, and even admitted to having a neurotic moment?

Ah, a second chance to take a picture, this time with a much better looking basket. So we walked over to her house, air pillows in hand, and no camera.

However, the basket looks great and if you want to see it you will need to head over to the auction this weekend. EMHS, 5pm. Go, bid high, buy lots of food. Apparently there will be lots of chili.

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