Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sorry for all the words, but the story must accompany the picture:

If I do say so myself, I don't think MacGuyver could have done a better job.

Um, yes. That would be a pillow case, kept up with an ace bandage, on my then 2 year-old. We were traveling, had been on vacation for 2 weeks at this point (I always begin the story with this little tidbit. It seems to explain my state of mind and why we went out to lunch without extra diapers, but I had a pillowcase and an ace bandage in the car.)

We were at the tail end of a 2 week vacation, the second week without Hubby and had arrived at my parents the night before. The next morning EM had eaten blueberries. Lots of blueberries. In hindsight, a few too many blueberries.

My Dad took us out for lunch, where we meet my Mom. Thankfully they had outdoor seating, and that is where we were when we noticed bluish goop lying in puddles near EM, 'Nough said.

My Dad, poor guy, went inside for napkins and paper towels, he was inside for a long time (by this time my Mom had returned to work, lucky gal.) Since this was a short trip out of the house I had no extra diapers. Something about the third child makes you forget the diaper bag from time to time.

Like any good mother, after cleaning up as well as we could with baby wipes and napkins (I had baby wipes in the car, just no diapers) I took pictures of this little girl. Needless to say a few people stared quizzically at us. That's OK because soon after the photo shoot with left. We returned home, to where extra absorbent diapers awaited us. And, more blueberries.

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Over Thirty Mommy said...

Oh no! That must have been super fun. I kept forgetting the diaper bag for my little one so now I have a spare diaper bag that just stays in the car.