Thursday, August 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Greetings. Glad you could stop by. Sit down and relax a little.

Our household is ready for school to begin. It has been one of those weeks, everyone (except me) is hyper. Chaos has become their middle name. It is time for my children to return to school.

This week I've been busy picking up shoes. Well, Tuesday I was busy picking up shoes. 120 points baby.

This picture was taken a month earlier, it is not from this week.
Anyone else find themselves taking pictures of the craziest subjects; pictures you would not have taken preblog? Like this picture. While on vacation I was shameless, and looked very much like a country bumpkin's first visit to the big city. I scrapbook as well, it's a double curse.

Today, Rachel Anne challenges us to "Pounce on our Pantry", think 15 minute tidy-up for the kitchen. Perfect! A couple of serving bowls and platters have come into my possession. Actually, I need to rearrange my shelves and make my serving bowls more accessible. Ahh, so many dishes, so little storage space.

I could also reorganize my snack/cereal cupboard. It is time for a clean-out. There may be some candy from several Easter's ago.

Now that you are here, and we are talking about pantries, I'm hoping you can help me with a storage problem. This problem won't be resolved today (I'm thinking it will take a bit of cash to solve) but I do need some ideas.

The Spice Cabinet:

Here is a close up to the specific problem:

Watch out for the falling jars. I KNOW we have thyme, where is it? Oh my, we are out of rosemary, and the empty bottle has been sitting in the back corner all this time.

As you see in the above picture this cupboard is used for many different items. First shelve holds spices, seasonings, oils and vinegars. The second shelf is our drink shelf. The third shelf holds our medicine basket, empty spice bottles, and general drink/spice overflow.

I have 40+ spices and seasonings.

I tried storing them in a drawer, those squat jars are the perfect size. However, I could not reach all the way into the back, creating inefficient and therefore unused space.
I hate inefficient and unused spaces.

No, I don't want a spice rack on the counter. 1.) I have over 40 spices. 2.) I try to keep my counters as clear of clutter as possible. (I try, but it's not working at the moment.)

If I used shelf steps (the white plastic, expandable steps), would they create more space so I'm not stacking spices on top of each other, or just allow me to see what is in the back, but I still have to stack the jars? I hate stacking.

Anyone have a spice storage system they LOVE, and holds multiple spices? I'm willing to spend money.

Suggestions, ideas, I'm imploring help. I'm begging for your help. My spice cupboard is driving me batty. Plus, my hands are all banged up from falling jars.

Thanks for helping. Leave a comment with your suggestion, or email me. I appreciate all the help I can get.

And, now that you are done staring at my disaster of a spice cabinet head back to Rachel Anne's for more Company Girl Coffee.


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee today.

WOW! I'm impressed. 40+ spices! My pantry is going to be straightened before the day is done, too. And I have a similar problem - great big shelves without a lot of definition or separation. I use some small baskets for my small spices and packets - but it's mostly a free for all in there. It'll be good to clean things out.

(And Yes, I'm taking weird pictures for my blog - it's a new phenomenon...)

Jolanthe said...

Well, you know my suggestion is going to be Tupperware. {grins}

We accumulated some lovely points too this week in the department ~ especially since the kids like to wear 3 different pairs a day and leave them all scattered around the house!!

Happy Coffee Talk! :)


mholgate said...

Hi there! I have a very small space for my spices, so I use lazy susans. Then I alphabetize them so I can just turn it to the spice I need. My larger, overflow supplies that I get in bulk I put on the top shelf until I need to refill.

BTW, I can relate to the "hyper-chaos" mode that kids get to right before school begins. We start in a week. We just came off of vacation and I have one week to get my kids back into a routine again. Wish me luck! :)

Have a great weekend! Thanks for coffee!

p.s. I'm kind of jealous I missed the shoe round-up! LOL!

One More Equals Four said...

I agree with the comment above...go for a lazy susan!

Good luck!

secondofwett said...

Well, I have another TWO WEEKS before my very bored teens go back to school and I get some free time your kids going back now.....the spices in my cupboard I arranged on a tiered shelf in the cupboard. I like it a lot better because now I can see them all and I don't knock over five just to get the one I need!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the spice rack.

Here's a link:

Kara said... spice cabinet is a disaster too! The biggest issue with mine is that I've started buying my spices in the bulk section so I have all these little baggies...I have some jars to refill but sometimes I get more than the jar will hold (or I'm just lazy and don't fill it, LOL). I just purchased some new bottles at BB&B yesterday to try to get things reorganized. I have shelves similar to yours. What I've done is put the bottles in small plastic baskets that I can then slide in and out to see what I've got. It works pretty well...when it's not a jumble of little baggies like it is now! I'll be curious to see what you end up doing!

Marie said...

Hello Erin - I'm new to Coffee Talk and having fun meeting new friends! I have a similar spice cupboard issue. I have tried everything and haven't come across the perfect system. I am only one step up from you and have mine all in a plastic bin. They aren't falling off the shelf, but they are far from being organized! LOL. Let me know if you find any solutions.


Mandy said...

Hi Erin! It was so nice to have a poke around your blog! I am a new 'Company Girl'. You are my first 'Company Girl Coffee' visit!! Awesome job on your pantry! Greetings from New Zealand!!