Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

During our vacation we stayed with friends. Sunday morning we talked of the Joan Baez concert our hosts had attended the evening before. Leslie went to pull out a Joan Baez record, yes a record. She showed the kids the record. Their response?

It looks like a big CD.

It reminds me of this interview of a teenager, part of the iPod generation, who spent a week using an original walkman. It took him several days before he realized that tapes have two sides.

Yesterday my kids were in rare form. Everyone is ready for them to return to school. Sitting in the kitchen I hear something, or someone, going down the stairs. No, it was more like tumbling, bumping, ... whatever was happening it couldn't be good.

I ran to the stairs to find ED sitting in his laundry basket. He sat in his laundry basket and slid down the stairs.

His face was one of pure little boy joy.

JT was at the top of the stairs: ED did you go down the stairs in your basket?
And, lining up his basket for a trip down the stairs.

I didn't know how to react. I didn't want to yell, and even if I wanted to I couldn't due to suppressing my laughter. This was an activity that could never be repeated. One successful trip down the stairs does not mean the next trip would be as successful. The next trip down the stairs could me a trip to the ER.

Poor boy was so confused. He wanted to laugh and congratulate himself on a ride well completed? However, he would look at me and wonder if he should act contrite and fearful because Mom does not look happy, or does she?

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Jolanthe said...

Lord help me if I find my kids doing this!! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH my! I guess everykid needs a good trip down the stairs. we used to do in on sleeping bags...LOL!