Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We were on vacation two weeks ago. We headed to the great big city of Philadelphia. This was our first time back since moving to the valley. We spent the week checking out the museums and visiting friends.

Let's just say my kids don't get out much. What did they love the most on our trip? Escalators and subways.
Me: How did you like the tour of the Mint?
Kids: (in unison) We got to ride the escalators.

Kids: Where are we going today? Will we ride the subway?

Kids: Yeaa! another escalator.
It occurred to me that had we remained in the suburbs the kids would be veteran escalator riders by now. Where we live everything is one story, the local Barnes and Noble and the local mall. Out in the suburbs, and the city, these merchandising haunts tend to be two floors.
On our first day in the city we headed to the Historic District. Not much fun for the kids, except JT really wanted to see the Liberty Bell and the kids couldn't wait to "Ride the Ducks."

While riding the hotel elevator to our floor:
Gentleman: You kids look excited, where are you going today?

JT: We are going to see the Liberty Bell. I can't wait.

Gentleman: (Looking at his teenage sons) See, there is more to life then motor cross. Why can't you get excited about historic things like that?
I'm pretty sure I saw a few eye rolls coming for the direction of the teenage sons.
Once again on the elevator, yes this was another exciting part of our vacation:

ME: Oh, we just closed the doors on Daddy. (Hubby had gone to the front desk to ask for something and the rest of us boarded the elevator.)

ED: That's OK, Dad can take the stairs.

Lady: Oh, aren't you a nice kid.

ED: Yeah, I'm smart like that. (as we reached our floor and he walked off the elevator.)

Lady: (looking at me) What did he say?

Me: (Repeated what he said, adding) ... more like smart alek.
As with any vacation there was also lots of whining about needing to walk, and being hungry, and thirsty, and why can't we take the subway, .... Overall, we had lots of fun, and enjoyed seeing all our friends.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh I love Philly! It is so easy to get around on the subway there :)

My kids live in the "city" though not that big of one, so they are used to escalators and elevators, but they still fascinate them :)

Glad ya'll had fun! Happy TTT!