Friday, August 14, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome! Come in, sit down, enjoy something to drink. Oh my, it is going on 3 in the afternoon and I'm only just starting my 2nd cup of coffee for the day. Yep, my head is hurting a little.

Hubby is home today, he has off every other Friday, and as it is with most days he has off I'm off my schedule. This morning's first load of laundry is in the dryer, the second load is still in the washing machine, and the third load is feeling very forgotten sitting in my bedroom. (Very forgotten since it is a load of jeans I never washed last week.)

Though I grounded some wheat this morning the flour is still sitting in the mill waiting for me to make bread. It is 3pm and I'm just getting around to writing this post.

And, my Friday to-do list continues. But I'm not stressed. OK, maybe a little, but I think I'm more tired then stressed at the moment.

***pause to drink more coffee***

The kids just spent a fun 45 minutes swimming at our neighbor's house with their grandchildren. I spent a relaxing 45 minutes talking with our neighbor. She is the sweetest woman and it was nice to sit and get to know her a little better.

Yesterday, Rachel Anne encouraged us to review our New Year's Resolutions, and her challenge from the new year "do one extra thing". I loved this challenge, and followed through for several months. My "extra thing" usually took the form of setting up the coffee maker for the next day. Putting away the dishes from the drainer, and/or sweeping the kitchen floor.

Simple things, nothing big. No painting rooms, or rearranging furniture, or balancing the national budget, world peace, blah, blah, blah. And though very simple, over time they were forgotten, or pushed to the morning so I could have an extra 2 minutes on the couch that evening.

Last night I took Rachel Anne up on her challenge, again, and I set up the coffee maker to automatically turn on the next morning. Just one extra thing. But that was so easy I decided to put away the washed and dried dishes. Just one extra thing. Then, I put away the sugar I had bought that morning and was still sitting on my counter. Just one extra thing.

I love how one extra thing transforms into a lot of extra things and before I know it my kitchen looks clean and I'll have fresh coffee waiting for me the next morning. Ahhh, life is good.

What one extra thing did you do? I can't wait to have some coffee over at your site. If have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about head over to Rachel Anne's site, Home Sanctuary, and join in the fun. Don't forget to leave a comment before you leave.

Enjoy the weekend.


samantha said...

I know what it feels like to start your day late. I have those days, too. They're usually my lazy days. We all need thoes once in a while, right? I hope your head feels better.

Don't hurry too much today, try to spend some one-on-one quality time with hubby today.

Wow, you really make homemade bread from scratch. Good for you!

It is always nice to have a good neighbor. Even though I've been living in these apartment for about four years now, I haven't met anyone until just a couple weeks ago. I met a nice lady that lives just below us. You see, I could not get my stove to shut off for anything, I couldn't get a hold of my manager, and my husband was at work, and I didn't know what to do. So, I went and knocked on my neighbor's door, and she came up and tried to help me, but she couldn't shut the stove off, either, so we called the fire department, and they told us to shut it off from the box. I eventually got a hold of the manager, and he came and fixed it.

Anonymous said...

I love talking with our neighbors (even though it's rare). They've lived in the neighbor for 40+ years!

My extra thing was to swap out the little one's 0-3 month clothes for 3-6 month clothes. I can't believe it's going by so quickly.

Thanks for having me over. Have a fantastic weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

Yes, my one extra thing was creating world peace yesterday. HA! You know me better than that. Like you, it's the coffeemaker, the dishes, the crumbs on the floor, putting away the toothpaste. I'm always so amazed at how wonderful those delicious little steps feel. And how easily I forget them!

Your day sounded simply lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. Wish i could have sat and visited with you and your neighbor while the kids swam.

I am alone for a few days before hubby and son arrive back...looking forward to a couple chick movies, soaks in the tub and pulling weeds in the flower bed. next week will begin the rush for school, and I'm savoring these last moments.