Sunday, August 16, 2009

Puttin' Up Corn

Saturday we met up with friends to husk, cook, cut, and bag 38 dozen ears of corn. 38 DOZEN. 38 x 12. I still haven't done the math. All I know is that we ordered 120 ears of that original 38 dozen. I'm glad we have good friends.

Friends who feel the same about mornings as you do. We didn't meet until 10:00am. Believe me, it is important to have friends who feel the same as you do about mornings; if one's friends like early mornings things could get ugly by 10am.

Good friends who also have kids. So they understand when you become so frustrated with your kids, for not husking corn and whining about child labor laws, that you decide to loose them in the corn field.

No, we didn't loose them in the corn field. These pictures are from our trip to a corn maze several weeks ago. The corn maze has absolutely nothing to do with freezing corn.

But this picture has everything to do with freezing corn. Because first you have to cook the corn, after you husk it.

There is a sub-group of corn freezers/canners who don't cook their corn. They freeze it raw. We didn't invite those people to the party. Things can get ugly when your friends don't hold the same "puttin' up corn" theology.

This picture also has everything to do with puttin' up corn. In fact, that night I dreamed about corn. I'm still smelling corn, though it has been a good 24 hours, and all the corn is in my freezer.

Then you cut the corn from the cob. It is amazing how corn cutting techniques can vary, and that discussing said techniques can take up half the afternoon. Thankfully, the differences in corn cutting techniques did not turn out ugly. Though, hold a knife the wrong way and it could get very ugly.

After their parent's broke child labor laws and made them husk the corn, and after certain parents may have outraged certain child rearing professionals by taking their children "out to the woodshed" for not husking corn, the kids were released from their servitude to play. Water, sand, oh my.

I'm still cleaning sand out of little ears, all the while smelling corn.

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Anonymous said...

A great day was had by all! Loved the post!