Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer, Here We Come

Not sure which topic to focus this posting on, so I'm following a rather disjointed thought pattern. Nothing new here.

Today is the last day of school, YEAH! I have to say I'm actually excited, and looking forward to the break. Maybe it has to do with getting two kids, sometimes 3, out the door in the morning, every morning. Making lunches, completing homework in the afternoon, run, run, run. We all need a break. I just wish it wasn't for 10 weeks. About week 7 we begin to loose our minds and become a little restless.

Yesterday we visited the library and signed up for the summer reading program. We picked up our packet (x 3), filled with worksheets, pencils and coupons. JT has already racked up 1/3 of the required points.

And speaking of reading programs, be sure to visit your local Barnes and Noble store. They run a summer long reading program where children read 8 books, record it on their log, and return it to the store for a free book. Last summer our store let us participate TWO times. Now that I have two readers in the house that is FOUR FREE books.

Thanks to the many rain storms rolling through the area the kids have only attended a hand full of swim practices. Thankfully, enough for JT to begin enjoying the program. Poor kid. He has the doggie paddle down. If there was a race for doggie paddle he would win with no problem. But watching him try to perform the front crawl, ..., but he is trying and that is saying something.

We are going camping this weekend.

Yep, that is all I need to say. See, I'm a Hampton Inn type of girl. I don't do camping, very much and very well. But it is for only one weekend. The kids are psyched. And, Monday we have no school and no where to go; hopefully a good day to recover from my non-Hampton Inn weekend.

And, well that has been our week; and what we are looking forward to for the coming weekend.

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